Butterflies and Flowers


LeChat Butterflies is a beautiful light purple that applies like a dream. I topped it with Ink Diamond Snow , a wonderful golden shimmer polish. I used Swarovski Chrysolite Opal crystals to form the flowers and tiny metal studs for the chain.  A word of note, Butterflies did fade slightly after a week of wear but it was still a lovely lilac and I would wear this again

purple flower mani


4 comments on “Butterflies and Flowers

  1. Nikolasa Biasiny-Tule

    The simple complexity is what I love about this mani Kim! Are those SS7/SS9s? Trying to get a sense of scale :) – thanks again for your email!!

    1. Kim

      Thanks Nikolasa! These are actually SS5 Chrysolite Opals and .8mm metal studs.

  2. Debra Q

    Hi. I adore your mani’s and wanted to ask what and where you get the little metal circles that you put the rhinestones in. Are they jewelry findings?

    1. Kim

      Hi Debra,

      I’m so happy you like my manis! No, these are not findings, I have some jump rings but did not like them so I went on an internet quest to find them. Most of the deco pieces I use were imported for me from Japan by a nice lady in New York. She has her own online store and she has started to carry some of the the pieces she has ordered for me in the past. If you can’t find what you want on her site, just email her and she can probably get them for you. Just be prepared to pay for it, lol, it’s pricey to import from Japan! The link to her site is below.