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Couture Little Black Dress


This is another of my older manis…I saw a picture of this idea on Pinterest ( I can’t remember who originally did it, if anyone knows I will link back credit to them) and figured it can’t be too hard.

I used 2 coats Couture Little Black Dress, this is one of my favorite black gels, it’s super pigmented and almost opaque in 1 coat. After curing I removed the sticky layer and taped off the design area with scotch tape. I took various rnp colors and using my dotting tool placed random sized dots, some overlapping other dots and the tape. Removed the tape and topped with 2 coats of gel top coat. I really liked this one, very easy to do and quite striking.

A note on “sandwiching” regular nail polish between gel polish layers: it’s important to let the rnp dry COMPLETELY before applying gel top coat. The gold in this mani was not completely dry when I top coated and it wrinkled under the gel. I was lucky and did not have any lifting, so learn from my impatience and let it dry :D!

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2 comments on “Couture Little Black Dress

  1. GeekGirl3.141

    incredibly striking, I’ve only just started Gels (and after checking out Chickettes.com went out and picked up ALOT of different items (starter set, lamp, polish, rhinestones, etc) LOVE it! This might just be the first time I’ve considered going for something other than sparkly pink!! So thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Kim

      Thank you! Sounds like you’re off to a good start with your supplies. Chickettes is a great blog and the best source for Gelish swatches. If I’ve inspired you try something new then my job is done, lol. Best of luck in your gel endeavors!