Weekly Mani: RCM VIP Access + Stamp



I had just recently picked up Red Carpet Manicure Vip Access………it’s a very dark blue with a subtle blue shimmer. Application was ok, I had to keep shaking the bottle because it would thicken and become streaky, though the color did even out with 2 coats. On the plus side there was no shrink back. I stamped using an image from the Moyou¬†Princess collection # 13 plate. I stamped with Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Vigorous Violet and added some Swarovski gems.

Purple swirl mani


3 comments on “Weekly Mani: RCM VIP Access + Stamp

  1. Lauren

    Yup- I agree- all that work on one nail maybe more dramatic? And maybe the gold dividing line in a solid gold instead of glitter gold? But I am always (ALWAYS) amazed by your mani’s – love them!

    1. Lauren

      Kim this was for your most recent post- I have no idea why it jumped to this beautiful post??? Sorry!

  2. Kim

    Thanks Lauren, I agree about the gold…I was actually think of doing just that but I grabbed the glitter striper without a second thought….should have had that second thought :D.