Nail Fail :(


I consider this a fail. I usually do a swatch of any design I’m thinking of doing and liked the way it looked on the swatch but after doing one hand there was just something I didn’t like. I think maybe is was all the shimmer polishes. This would have looked better using all creams. And I should have just used the gold circles on accent nails instead of all the them. Oh well, at least I only had to soak off one hand. What do you think?, honest opinions appreciated.


5 comments on “Nail Fail :(

  1. GeekGirl3.141

    would love if you could do a walk though (video) on how you do your magic, your work is extraordinary, wow.

  2. Kim

    Thank you! As soon as I get a video setup I’ll start posting some tutorials.

  3. AddictedToGel

    I think they look amazing. If I had half your talent, I’d be thrilled. I woudn’t consider that a fail…I think they look great.

    1. Kim

      Thank you Addicted, I’m happy you liked it!

  4. Mal Timmons

    It’s beautiful! NailtechUK…