Video Tutorial: How to do Swarovski crystal nail art

Hello everyone! Well, I just did my very first video tutorial. I’ve had a lot of people request I do one on how I do my SWAROVSKI Crystal manicures, so I finally bought a little tripod and iPhone mount and made the video. I had fun using iMovie to add titles, transitions and music to it.




4 comments on “Video Tutorial: How to do Swarovski crystal nail art

  1. Courtney M.

    Yay! Thank you. I hadn’t been wiping off the tacky layer of colored gel off and had just been coating my entire nail with foundation. Maybe with trying what you do, I can make the rhinestones and studs last longer than 2-3 days!

    1. Kim

      Hi Courtney…glad you found this helpful. Just remember to use a little more base for larger stones and pieces. and I usually apply 2 coats of top coat over everything to further secure them.

  2. Darcy

    Where do you buy your nail art?

    1. Kim

      Hi Darcy,

      When I first started I was going through a sweet lady in New York who would import deco pieces from Japan for me. She has since set up her own little online store where she stocks a lot of the items I’ve used. Here the link to her site: And here is my Nail Art Resource page with more links: Hope that helps :).