Weekly Mani: TruGel Boysenberry

Hi everyone. I’m wearing a beautiful plummy purple cream, TruGel Boysenberry this week. This applies quite nicely with just a tiny bit of shrink back at the tips. This color is opaque in 2 coats. Stamp is from MoYou XL princess plate #13. Stamping polish is Sally Hansen Commander In Chic. Those who saw the video I posted earlier will recognize the crystal design, I decided to show what it looks like on my nail.   Purple with taupe stamp


6 comments on “Weekly Mani: TruGel Boysenberry

  1. Patricia

    I really love how they look! You’re such an artist. I’d love to try this on my nails but I have a problem: when my nails are too long the gel detaches in just 2 days. Do you know how can I solve this?

    Thank you!!

    1. Kim

      Thank you Patricia. Does the gel peel just at the tips or off the entire nail? Peeling can be remedied with a primer in some instances. Also making sure you are starting with a completely clean and oil free nail will help. I know that some people never have luck with gel polish because of oilier nail beds. Try the primer or switch polish brands ( Ink brand lasts about 3 days before I get peeling at the tips) and see if that makes a difference.

    2. Wordl8y

      I think trying a different base is a great idea. I just switched myself. Also, with long nails, make sure you’re capping not just the tip but the sides too.

      Kim, beautiful work! When you say Ink only lasts 3 days, is that Ink color and base or Ink color regardless of base? I just bought several Inks (but haven’t tried yet) is why I ask!

      1. Kim

        Thank you! It did not matter what base I used, the Ink color coats would start to lift a little at the tips and it would lift a lot if I was using it over a nail repair. Don’t get wrong, I like the Inks because they soak off so darn easy but that ease of removal does not make for a long lasting mani, at least not on me. Almost all other gel polishes I have wear better.

        1. Wordl8y

          Shoot! I love their shimmery finishes. Well, I do like easy removal too. Thanks for your reply!

          1. Kim

            I don’t mean to discourage you from trying them, if you’re into changing your color more often than a week or two this brand might be a great choice for the super easy soak off.