Weekly Mani: White and Gold

Hi everyone,

Well, as you can see, I now have nubbins…I was hoping to get another week with my long nails but after I developed splits on several more nails just this past week I figured it was time for a trim. I was already repairing several nails each mani and to be honest I just didn’t want to spend the extra time every week patching. I really hate having short nails because my nail beds are so short that they make my fingers look stubby, but hey, the upside, I can actually type now! This week I wanted to do a white mani so I used 2 coats TruGel Marshmallow but did not want such a stark white so I used a very thin coat of IBD Cashmere Blush to create a subtle off-white. I stamped with an image from Apipila P.7 plate with China Glaze Passion. The accent nail is done with Swarovski Sunflower crystals and japanese metal studs.

gold and white filigree


3 comments on “Weekly Mani: White and Gold

  1. Ann @ GelishGeekery

    Another gorgeous mani!!! You just blew my mind by softening the white with a sheer blush color. I’ve been IN LOVE with white nails this month.

    Have you tried using Gelish Structure gel on split/broken nails? That stuff is pretty much amazing. I used it on one girl who said her nails are thin and break and it helped her get 2 weeks out of her gel manicure. I’m actually running an experiment on my coworker right now with Structure gel and striping tape. I’m hoping I’ll be able to post good results on my blog! 😉

    1. Kim

      Hi Ann,

      Thank you! I like the white trend too but I think it looks better on shorter nails, that’s why I had not done them until now.

      Gelish Structure just wasn’t strong enough and sometimes a silk patch, or tea bag patch and super glue wasn’t enough. Then someone on Facebook posted a video on how to do AcryGel, using acrylic powder with gel polish base, and that has made all the difference in being able to grow out breaks. It’s much stronger than Structure and it soaks off just as easily as gel polish. Here’s the video if you have not seen it yet:http://youtu.be/m_YdFH6Ozjc.

      1. Ann @ GelishGeekery

        …. I don’t even care that I’m at work, I gotta check out that video now! (sounds amazing!)

        Thank you for the tip!!