Video Tutorial: Make Your Own 3D Gems

Hi dear readers,

I’ve just posted a new video on how to make your own 3D gems. I have few odd shaped or larger size frames that Swarovski crystals wouldn’t fit into. I also had some nail art sticker frames that I was at a loss to know what to do with and then I thought “why not make my own gems to fit the frames”….sounds easy right? Well, it is! I had some Gelish Structure and knowing how think it was I figured it would be perfect few making a cabochon style gem. You can fill your shape with glitter, nail lacquer, gel polish, shell, foil, caviar beads or whatever your imagination can come up with.. Check out the video to learn how!


5 comments on “Video Tutorial: Make Your Own 3D Gems

  1. Michelle

    I love this!

  2. PinNails

    Hi Kim! I have a little question, idid it the gems for practique, is a great idea. But, how do yo remove the gems from the nail? Do you smooth the gems and acentone? Paola

    1. Kim

      Hi Paola…You simply soak it off with acetone when you soak off the gel polish.

  3. Vicki

    Hi Kim. Two questions:
    1) What stamp plate did you use on your nails for your mani in this video?
    2) Where did you purchase those small circle frames used in the demo?

    Thanks in advance. Vicki