Video: CiCi & SiSi test stamps

Hello everyone,

I was able to test stamp all the plates in the CiCi and SiSi collection #1. For the most part, all the the designs stamp perfectly. The only exception was the images at the corners of the each plate. The corners seem to be ever so slightly concaved and as a result of the uneven surface I could not get a clean scrape, there was quite a bit of residual polish left and the stamps ended up a blobby mess. Keep in mind this was an issue only on the corner images, all the other images stamped great. Check out the video to see the results of my tests.


3 comments on “Video: CiCi & SiSi test stamps

  1. Michelle

    It looks like it could be an issue caused by how the backing is attached? Like they used glue only on the four corners, maybe?

    1. Kim

      Could be…it’s still not a big deal to me, I still like the set a lot.

  2. Julia M

    I just received mine today and they are the same.