Weekly Mani: ASP Blue Crush

Hello readers!

Today I have done a mani that includes a handmade gem and some hand painted leopard print. The base color is ASP Blue Crush, a gorgeous, vibrant robin’s egg blue. This applied perfectly with zero shrink back and was opaque in two coats, this might be my new favorite blue because it applied so nicely. For the accent nail I applied a very thin layer of CND Antique Bronze pigment powder over the base coat and then topped with a coat of Gelish Simple Sheer. I made the gem like in my video tutorial and outlined it with studs. For the leopard print I blended some of the Bronze pigment with a little bit of Gelish Structure and using a small art brush painted the spots. Everything gets 2 coats of topcoat and done!

*A note about the photo, my camera tends to wash out blues no matter what settings I use and I could not get a 100% accurate color shot. The blue is more saturated and vibrant than the pic represents. The link I’ve included to Blue Crush has an even worse color dot, it’s not even close but don’t let that dissuade you, it is a really beautiful blue.

blue and gold w:gem

Here’s a crappy iPhone pic that’s a closer match to the color:



2 comments on “Weekly Mani: ASP Blue Crush

  1. Kerri

    Amazing! This is one of your best I think. Love the length too.

    1. Kim

      Thank you Kerri!