Weekly Mani: Gelish You Glare I Glow

Hello dear readers,

This week I’ve done a simpler mani (well, simpler for me ;D) using Gelish You Glare I Glow , a beautiful vibrant, bright purple. Application was not easiest, the first layer was quite streaky and I had to work fast or the polish got slightly goopy and would result in bald spots. Wiping the sticky layer seemed to help it apply more evenly. The second coat evened out the streakiness. I did some marbling with LeChat Pink Lady and YGIG on the accent nail by adding dots of each color and then swirling with a toothpick and then I added some Swarovski White Opal gems and metal studs. I had initially stamped all the rest of the nails but it seemed to distract too much from the accent nail so I removed it and added the deco pieces.

My Lumix camera once again washed out the purple so I had to take a few shots with the iPhone to get an accurate color so the quality is not the best but at least it shows the true purple.

You Glare I Glow


One comment on “Weekly Mani: Gelish You Glare I Glow

  1. Jackie

    Love these, they are gorgeous. Of course you know I am partial to purple.