Video: Stamping Tips and Tricks

Hello dear readers,

I’ve had some questions about some of the things I use or do when stamping so I posted a Tips and Tricks video. Hope this helps. If anyone has any more questions, feel free to ask!


4 comments on “Video: Stamping Tips and Tricks

  1. arachne646

    Thanks for the video’s! I can always use more help with stamping, and I really enjoy the way you make them. I just discovered your Facebook page, and all the great manicures there–lots of inspiration!

    1. Kim

      I’m very happy you found them helpful, I do enjoy making them. If you have any questions or suggestions, let me know!

  2. Monica Nauss

    Hi Kim! I’m one of your youtube subscribers, and I want to tell you how beautiful I think your work is and tell you that your nails/videos inspired me to start doing my own gel nails several months ago! I’m learning a lot and know I can always count on your videos to explain a technique, etc., thoroughly and demonstrate a high standard of excellence about your work. Thank you for that. I do also have a question for you about one of your videos. In the February 9, 2014 stamping tips and tricks video, your gel color is so gorgeous, what is it? Several times, I have looked for a listing of what colors you were wearing during a certain video, but I can’t find it on Youtube or in your blog’s archives. Is this particular color a version of the infamous ‘You Glare, I Glow’!? 😉

    1. Kim

      Hi Monica,

      I’m very happy to hear that my videos and nail art have inspired you! That’s why I do this.

      The color in the video is indeed You Glare, I Glow, the original grapey purple neon Gelish first came out with, the mini I got from Salley’s with the terrible formula, not the faded pinky purple from my full size bottle (although that is still a pretty color) I wrote about later and showed a comparison in a later post. The other color is LeChat Pink Lady that I swirled with YG,IG. It really is a shame because it such a gorgeous neon purple and it looks fabulous with my skin tone, lol.