Video Tutorial: How to Repair a Torn Nail with AcryGel

Hello everyone!

I have done a video on how to repair cracked or torn nails using a patch and the AcryGel method. Next to gel polish this has been a god send, it provides the extra strength I need to grow out any tears so I don’t have to cut my nails. I did not come up with this idea, credit goes to Anna on YouTube:, but I thought I’d just show well is works even with re-attached tips and a patch.


8 comments on “Video Tutorial: How to Repair a Torn Nail with AcryGel

  1. Krista Hodges

    Perfect timing, I was watching this today because i had crack which has now become a tear. Time to hit up the supply store tomorrow for some of that acrygel

    1. Kim

      I’m glad it was helpful…If you have any questions, just let me know :D.

      1. Krista H

        well it appears my local store doesn’t carry it since its from over seas. Could you recommend a good substitute?

        1. Kim

          Hi Krista,
          Are you in the US?

  2. Krista H

    Yes I am, in California actually. I talked with someone at my local beauty supply store and she recommended an acrylic powder, has no UV activation, but it came highly recommended. I tried it with that and so far so good. My tear is growing out and I’m not having any lifting. I’d still like to try the UV stuff, but sadly can’t get it here yet.

    1. Kim

      Have you looked online? That’s where I got the CND Retention+Powder, on eBay and I love it.

      1. Krista Hodges

        On eBay? I hadn’t thought to look there. I found the maker’s website and that was it. Can I ask what you paid? Straight from the maker was over $35 USD.