Video Tutorial: How to do a Jeweled and Stamped French Manicure

Hello dear readers,

I was finally able to edit my start to finish mani that a reader requested. It has been an exercise in extreme frustration trying to get this video up. First, my laptop’s graphics processor is pretty much fried with all the photo and video editing I’ve been doing. So I get a new laptop and was excited to be able to upgrade to iMovie 10….BIG mistake! They have taken a wonderful program and completely ruined it, the least of which is it’s propensity to unexpectedly quit, which it did last night, after almost 3 hours of fighting with this “upgrade” to do things that would have taken only half the time with the older version, all that hard work was gone. I ended up getting the previous iMovie version from my backup and was able to finish the edits. 

I had to utilize Fast Forward to get the time down to something reasonable but I tried to make sure you see all the techniques I use. If something isn’t clear and you have any questions, I’ll be happy to answer them. Enjoy!


3 comments on “Video Tutorial: How to do a Jeweled and Stamped French Manicure

  1. arachne646

    It really does give the “wow factor”!

  2. Cozi

    When you stamp do you wipe the sticky layer off your gel before top coating, stamp then top coat? or top coat, stamp and top coat again? I know people who do the later technique, wondered if yours is different as it appears to be?

    Loving all the videos, really informative :)

    1. Kim

      I always remove the sticky layer from the color coats, stamp, then topcoat. I have never had any issues with wear doing it this way, so I don’t feel the need to topcoat, stamp, and topcoat again. Hope that helps :).