Video: Infinity Nails Stamping Plates- test stamps

Hi everyone,

I have finally gotten around to posting a video of some Infinity Nails (Dashica) stamping plate tests. Hope you find it helpful!


2 comments on “Video: Infinity Nails Stamping Plates- test stamps

  1. Christine

    What brand of squishy stamper do you use, and where did you buy it? I’m thinking of moving into the squishy stamper world but i’m just unsure of what brand(s) are good. Suggestions?

    1. Kim

      I have only 2 squishy stampers, both purchased online from Ninja Polish. I love it, it’s nicely squishy with only a slight tack to it. I’ve not used any others besides the free one I got from Dashica (which is not big enough for my nails) so I can’t offer an opinion on any others. I know other people like the ones from Fab Ur Nails and Mundo De Unas.