Weekly Mani: Black stamped mani with a handmade gem.

Hello dear readers,

I’m probably asking for trouble with this week’s mani with my employer and their crackdown on nail art but I just couldn’t help myself…I’ve been wanting to use my frame stickers and my Indigo color shifting polish, so here’s to tempting fate!  I went with one of my fave color combos, black and metallic teal. The accent nail sports a frame sticker that I created a cabochon style gem using Indigo Illumination duo-chrome gel polish. The Indigo’s are VERY thick and great for making gems. The only downside, for me, is they are UV cure only….I hate waiting, lol. I have done an accompanying video showing how to do this mani which I’ll post as soon as I do the voiceover and process it.

Products used:
LeChat Black Velvet

Sally Hansen Blue Streak
Indigo Illumination Gel #5
Frame nail sticker

Black Stamped with Handmade gem




8 comments on “Weekly Mani: Black stamped mani with a handmade gem.

  1. Stacie

    Beautiful, Kim!

    1. Kim

      Thanks Stacie!

  2. Ann @ GelishGeekery

    Ho-lee crap that Indigo gel is AMAZING!!! It looks like a nebula! I LOVE duo-chrome polishes but there are only, like, TWO in the Gelish line-up. Do you pick these up from their website or somewhere else?

    1. Kim

      Hi Ann…The Indigos really are spectacular duo chromes but they were kind of a pain to get. A group of us soak-off gel gals went in on a group buy because the UK site we ordered from has a flat 50 Euro shipping fee!!!, not to mention that the polishes themselves are not cheap. Outrageously expensive for just 1 person to order. One polish is about 18.00USD, shipping is about 69.00USD, so 87.00 total for 1 bottle. You can see why went with a group buy :D.

  3. Tina Young

    I love the indigo polish and live in the uk but can not find a site that sells them for love nor money! Any chance you could share your source?

    1. Kim

      Hi Tina….I was mistaken, it was a Polish site. Here’s the link: http://www.indigo-nails.com/lang-en/60-illumination but it will probably be prohibitive to do a buy for just yourself…shipping is an insane 50Euro and the polish itself is expensive…total for one polish in USD is about 87.00. That’s why I went in on a group buy to help with the shipping costs.

      1. Kim

        Sorry, just read you’re in the UK…I think shipping is still 50Euro though.

        1. Tina Young

          Thanks, your right! Defo too expensive so I will have a go with my new gelish fx polish and see what that looks like :-) thanks again x