Artistic Color Gloss Contempo + 3D sculpted flowers

Hello dear readers,

I recently saw a video from Tartofraise of a gorgeous dark blue mani with sculpted pale blue acrylic flowers and I just had to try to recreate it. Easier said than done as I have never worked with acrylic and monomer to sculpt anything. After doing some reading and watching lots of videos on how to do the flowers, I was ready to give this a try. Well, about 10 swatches later I felt I confident enough to actually apply it my nail and this is the result:

Products used:

Base color: Artistic Color Gloss- Contempo
Silver glitter: Sally Hansen- Sparks Fly
Blue acrylic powder
EZ Flow Q Monomer

Visit Tartofraise’s YouTube channel for gorgeous manis:   https://www.youtube.com/user/tartofraises1?feature=watchblue 3d flower mani


4 comments on “Artistic Color Gloss Contempo + 3D sculpted flowers

  1. arachne646

    You seem to have excellent control of your medium for your first time using liquid/powder sculpting! It’s been years since I did it myself, but I remember that getting a consistent mix to have the petals you make have the same stiffness and texture takes skill. Brava!

    1. Kim

      Thank you…it took some time for me to get the hang of the right bead consistency. It’s not perfect but I am happy with the results.

  2. Ann @ GelishGeekery

    Oooooo I’ve been wanting to try 3D sculpting!!! I’m normally not a flowers-on-nails kind of gal, but lately I’ve really been loving some of the designs and 3D sculpting I’ve been seeing.

    Nice work!

    1. Kim

      There are a lot of possibilities with the liquid/powder sculpting…I wanted to play some more last night but the monomer started giving me a headache.