White Gel Polish

Video: White Gel Polish Comparison

Hello everyone!

I have posted a white gel polish comparison video, 10 brands and one surprising result…Check it out:



9 comments on “Video: White Gel Polish Comparison

  1. Cari

    Thank you for doing the whites. Please let us know if a new LeChat gives you the same results.

    1. Kim

      You’re welcome and I’ll update when I get a new LeChat.

      1. Lisa L

        I actually had something similar happen with a bottle of Fizzy Apple – Le Chat. Now that I’ve heard you comments I think I’ll trash it.

        1. Kim

          That’s a shame about Fizzy Apple…I know a lady from a Facebook page that uses FA often and hasn’t had a problem….maybe in your case it WAS a bad bottle.

  2. Kate

    Have you heard much about the new Gel II arctic white? They say it’s guaranteed one coat opaque.

    1. Kim

      No, I didn’t see Arctic White last time I was at the supply place, I like Gel II so I’ll check for it next time I go.

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  4. Anna

    You should try OPI Alpine Snow, that’s their true white. Funny Bunny is an off white IMO

    1. Kim

      OPI is not one my fave gel polish brands…I’m always on the lookout for nice whites so I may give it try :).