Hello Spring! : Gelaze Re-Fresh Mint and 3D Acrylic Flowers

Hi everyone,

I’m a little late posting this, but better late than never, right? :). To celebrate the first day of spring I decided to try one of my new China Glaze Gelaze gel polishes. Re-Fresh Mint is a lovely pastel green that’s opaque in 2 coats however I did have a little shrink back at the cuticles and tips and most annoying, pooling along the side walls, I had to keep flash curing each finger to keep from having a mess around the sides. Michelle over at Manic Talons had a great suggestion, put the bottle in the freezer for a few minutes and it should take care of those issues.

For the acrylic flowers on the accent nail, I tried out the 2 color technique. To do this I first picked up a bead of white and then picked up a bead of purple on top of the white and placed them on the nail and formed the petals. To add more interest I dipped the brush in the monomer and picked up a tiny amount of the purple and placed it where I wanted extra shadowing. I’ll do a video showing how to do this type of flower. The other nails are stamped with CiCi&SiSi #5 plate with Sally Hansen Vigorous Violet.

If you are interested in the Gelaze polishes you can buy them at Sally’s Beauty Supply. I believe they have their BOGO sale on these through the end of March.


green with purple 3D flowers


2 comments on “Hello Spring! : Gelaze Re-Fresh Mint and 3D Acrylic Flowers

  1. Jenn

    Kim – Did you find that cooling the Gelaze in the freezer helped with shrinkage? I’m on the fence about trying it, but really won’t deal with constant shrinking. Flash curing seems a little time intensive to me…

    1. Kim

      Jenn, I didn’t come across the tip about putting in the freezer until after I had done this mani…I’m thinking of doing a mani with the light pink so I’ll let you know if it works. I will say that the formula wears really well and my nails feel stronger than with some other brands.