Weekly Mani: Abstract gold foiled design

Hello dear readers,

I’m really excited to share this week’s mani with you. I had been seeing some beautiful nail designs with raised gold designs and really wanted to know how it was done. I finally found some videos that showed the technique and of course I had to try it.

It’s done by using a very thick, heavily pigmented gel ‘paint’ usually in black to paint the design and then using the sticky layer you apply gold nail art foil. Well, I didn’t have any gel paint and the only gel polish I have that the sticky layer is tacky enough to transfer foil is Shellac….so I busted out my old bottle of Black Pool and discovered it had thickened quite a bit which made it perfect for this technique. Using a very small detail brush I applied the abstract design and then cured in a UV lamp for 2 min. Then I took a bit of gold nail art transfer foil and lightly pressed over the black. I then added some Indigo Illumination gels into some of the spaces to form ‘gems’ and cured. One coat of topcoat and done!

It was surprisingly easy, the hard part was deciding what sort of design I wanted to do :). I will also be posting a video tomorrow showing how to do this technique. Enjoy!



Products used:
Base color: IBD Whipped Cream
Abstract design color: Shellac Black Pool
Gems: Indigo Illumination Gels


16 comments on “Weekly Mani: Abstract gold foiled design

  1. allbling

    <3 that Kim.

    1. Kim

      Thanks Bling!

  2. carmen


    1. Kim


  3. Jo Saint

    Oh Kim, you have out done yourself again. I absolutely love what you have done, they look fabulous! Pro you think the foil would work with Gelish? I have a bottle of black that is very thick and even though it’s thick it’s no where near opaque in two coats, so if I could make use of it would be great, I wouldn’t stew over the fact I wasted money on it if I could, lol. I have heard that if you want a thicker consistency just pop the gel polish in the fridge, do you think it would work? I don’t want to buy gel paints if I don’t really need them. Also when you refer to transfer foil, is that just the regular foil strips or is it a special foil? Terminology between US and OZ is sometimes so confusing :-) Sorry for all the questions. So looking forward to the video :-)

    1. Kim

      Hi Jo,

      I’m not sure if Gelish would have a tacky enough layer to actually transfer the foil and I don’t think it would be thick enough to hold the lines of the design. I’ve experimented with a LOT of gel polish and foil and Shellac is the only one I found that the sticky layer has enough tack to consistently take the foil. I played with the China Glaze Gelaze colors and they seem to transfer the foil nicely too but that was on a swatch I left sitting overnight. I would like to get at least one ‘gel paint’ to see if it’s the same consistency as the thickened Shellac.

      The foils I used are the foil strips from Dollar Nail Art, they come in a 5 foot coil in a little plastic bottle. The video I’ll be posting later on how to do this technique will show the foil I use.

  4. Lauren

    WOW Kim- looks gorgeous!!!

    1. Kim

      Thank you Lauren!

  5. Floydsv1

    This mani looks so elegant and classy- I’m looking forward to the video!

    1. Kim

      Thank you!

  6. stella

    That’s beautiful

    1. Kim


  7. arachne646

    Oh, Kim, I can’t wait to see how you did it. It looks just like jewelry on your nails!

    1. Kim

      Thank you! Video should be up shortly :).

  8. PinNails

    Wonderful and so elegant, great manicure!! Can you cure the shellac in Led lamp? Thats work? i have the gelish Led lamp 18 w. Paola

    1. Kim

      Hi Paola and thank you! Shellac is UV cure only, although some people have said they have gotten some colors to cure in an LED, I didn’t want to take a chance so I just used my UV lamp.