6 comments on “Video Tutorial: How to do an abstract gold foiled design

  1. Adele


    1. Kim

      Thanks Adele!

  2. Lynette

    This is the first time I haven’t saved one of your videos to a folder! So sad because I love! the look, but just do not do UV cured products. I started to wrack my brain for another way to do this………then thought, well duh, if there were an LED method Kim would have used it! Your work is so awesome!

    1. Kim

      Hi Lynette,

      Yes, if I had an LED option I would have used it, lol. I’m going to see if the special ‘gel paints’ are LED curable and if they are I’ll probably will buy some.

  3. Bren

    Love the video! Thank you so much for sharing it! Where do you find the gel polish that you use to put the color “gems” in? Was it called infinity?

    1. Kim

      Thanks Bren! The polish is Indigo Illumination gels…the cost is prohibitive for 1 person as they charge a flat 50 Euro shipping fee…they are in Poland. I was able to get them thru a group buy to help offset the shipping costs. The polishes themselves run about 18Euro each.