Weekly Mani: Gelish My One Blue Love


Hello dear readers,

This week I have another mani that I used the foiling method. This time I did a reverse french using Gelish My One Blue Love and IBD Whipped Cream. After I formed the french I used Shellac Black Pool to outline the swirls and after curing I applied the gold foil. I used CiCi & SiSi # 5 plate to stamp the accent nail with CG Passion. I normally don’t have a problem painting with my non-dominant hand but those hand drawn swirls gave me fits…it didn’t help that my hand was shaky for some reason, lol.

About the Gelish My One Blue Love…I must be a masochist to keep hoping that I will find a Gelish color that I won’t have a problem with, I love their colors but the inconsistency with their formula and application is driving me nuts. Too thick, too thin, too sheer, goopy and sticky…so frustrating!  MOBL is an absolutely beautiful powder blue but the formula leaves a lot to be desired. It is similar to You Glare I Glow in that it is thicker and gets slightly sticky after a few seconds, this results in the polish pulling and leaving bald spots. I had to shake the bottle for each nail to keep it workable. The second coat applied a little better and the streakiness evened out. Another issue that I experienced was wrinkling. I always use thin coats so the wrinkling shouldn’t have happened…not sure if it has something to do with the formula or pigments.

blue and gold foiled mani

Products used:

Blue base: Gelish My One Blue Love
White: IBD Whipped Cream
Outline: Shellac Black Pool
Stamping color: China Glaze Passion
Stamp image: CiCi & SiSi  Set #1 – plate #5
Foil- Gold transfer foil from Dollar Nail Art


19 comments on “Weekly Mani: Gelish My One Blue Love

  1. Nina

    WOW! This is just amazing…I am new to this foiling technique…that blue colour is just ‘ahhhh’…great job!

    1. Kim

      Thanks Nina!

  2. cindykvfc@yahoo.com

    VERY Impressive!

    1. Kim

      Thanks Cindy!

  3. Lauren

    Gorgeous as always!!!! Too bad that gelish blue is a pain- it sure is pretty!

    1. Kim

      Thanks Lauren!

  4. Jo Saint

    Another great design Kim. I love how the design pops from My One Blue Love and is one I would have not chosen, but it works beautifully.
    I am hearing you on the consistancy of the Gelish. I am now apart of the Harmony Nail Tech Network and I will be asking a few questions myself. I have the collection and yesterday while applying Gelish to colour tips for the bottles, I noted several issues with mix, shrinkage, gaping and overall consistancy. These issues were not confined to the highly pigmented colours either. I have noted each colour that I experienced issues with and will seek further information. I carry Gelish exclusively and this presents a huge problem for me too. :-(

    1. Kim

      Thanks Jo…please le me know what Gelish has to say about the formula issues.

  5. Ann

    omg… This foil technque… is brilliant!!!! I think I’m going to NEED to try this, as I’m recently obsessed with foils anyway.

    Absolutely gorgeous and your scroll work looks great. :)

    1. Kim

      Thank you Ann! And yes, you do need to try this…you’ll get a ton of compliments. I just the cashier at the grocery store yesterday actually grab my hand to look at it, lol.

  6. Marta

    Hi I have been using purely Gelish for the last two years and I do agree about the consistency issues… Some colours are so thick I never use them which is a shame…. However I was wondering if you would tell me if you can use the transfer foil with gelish black? And what is the procedure? How come it only sticks to the black? Thank you beforehand for your reply. Btw this design is gorgeous. :-)

    1. Kim

      Hi Marta…I haven’t tried with my bottle of Gelish black because it sucks and in my experience with other brands of gel polish, the sticky layers just aren’t tacky enough to transfer the foil, plus because Shellac has solvents in it that other ‘just gel’ polishes don’t, the Shellac gets thicker as the solvents evaporate, and thicker is better for this technique. :)

      1. Lisa L

        Do you cure the shellac layer in UV or LED?

        1. Kim

          Hi Lisa,

          Shellac is UV cured. There was some talk floating around about Shellac changing their formula to LED cure too but I haven’t heard much about it lately…every Shellac I own will not cure in an LED.

  7. Marta

    Ok great I will get black shellac. Thank you. In your You
    tube you use colour gels that you applied within the abstract foiled design that look like gems when finished. Again are those particular /special gels or can I achieve the same previous stone like effect with other gels,like gelish or shellac?

    1. Kim

      The gel I used is Indigo Illumination polish…they have pigments that color shift depending on the light. They are shipped from Poland for a flat 50Euro shipping fee. The polishes themselves run about 18 Euro…so for one person they are ridiculously expensive (I got in on group buy to help with the shipping costs). You can certainly use other gels and regular nail polish to create the same effect. I have a video on creating you own 3D gems that might be helpful: http://youtu.be/Y-BodnD3ucw

  8. B Nailed To Perfection(Bethany)

    Love this mani, it is simply stunning! It’s a big shame about MOBL, I’ve just applied it tonight for the first time in ages and I had forgotten about the terrible formula :( too thick and gets thicker by the second, like you say leaving bald patches. I had to use 3 coats and still looks patchy to me..it’s a good job I am stamping over it tomorrow lol

    1. Kim

      Thank you so much Bethany…I’m glad to know I’m not the only having issue with Gelish’s formula.

      1. B Nailed To Perfection(Bethany)

        It doesn’t feel like a mani worth blogging about but once I’ve got something over it i will feel better about it, and it’s good to highlight the formula issues to my readers I guess. I only have a few Gelish and they are all OK formula wise just MOBL that I have issues with