How to Remove Gel Polish

Video: How to Easily and Gently Remove Soak Off Gel Polish

I finally got around to doing a video on gel polish removal…I had a reader who was curious what steps I used. I’ll show you a couple of tips on how to make it easier and gentler to remove your gel. Enjoy!


8 comments on “Video: How to Easily and Gently Remove Soak Off Gel Polish

  1. Jnc

    Thanks for all your great tutorials. I have a question about repair with acrygel……….after you have cured it and brushed the excess off do you put foundation on again before you start with your polish? Thanks.

    1. Kim

      Thank you, I’m glad they have been helpful. Yes, I do apply another thin coat of base coat before the color coats, I usually buff the acrygel to a smooth finish, I just want to be very sure I don’t have any lifting.

  2. Jnc

    Thank you so much

  3. Natasha

    Your nails are lovely. Would you please do a tutorial on shaping nails into a square? For those of us with a deep C curve, it’s very difficult to get them into a nice square. Unfortunately, I have never seen a tutorial done on this subject. All the information out there says just to file down the free edge. Nobody ever comments on what to do with the sidewalls. Thank you!

    1. Kim

      I can do a short video but I will say that I do not file along the side walls. My nails are thin to begin with and filing along the sidewalls would just thin them even more. Anytime I had ever filed along the sides I would almost always develop breaks. I will file along the sides just at the tip if my nails start to get too ‘ducky’.

      1. Natasha

        I think it would be very helpful if you could. Figuring out how to make the tips look straight and balanced when your nail may be growing wonky or the C curve is uneven is an issue with me and I would imagine with others as well. A video would be much appreciated!

        1. Kim

          I have a little cheat I do to keep my nails from curling into exaggerated c-curves when they are longer. I use a very thin layer of acrylic underneath the nail. The acrylic is thin enough that with my normal soak off it will dissolve and I simply scrape away and re-apply with a new mani. Using this method helps maintain a nice crisp square look. I have a video that I show how to this but I don’t list it as public: Here’s the link:, fast forward to min 4:00 to see how I do it.

          1. Natasha

            That really is a very helpful video. Your idea of using acrylic powder to spread the c curve is genius.