Dashica Infinity Nails Stamping Plates 51-75

Hello readers,

I am very pleased to show you scans of the newest Infinity Nails stamping plates. Shirley Dashica has generously sent me plates 51-75 for review and I will be doing a series of videos showcasing these along with the first 50. I plan to show about 10 plates and test stamping for each video.

So, here are the new ones for your viewing pleasure! Click image twice for much larger views.

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6 comments on “Dashica Infinity Nails Stamping Plates 51-75

  1. Wendy Kays

    Thank you for sharing these! It’s so much easier than going through them one by one on her site.

    1. Kim

      Glad you found them helpful!

  2. Mal Timmons

    Hello, are the full images long and wide enough to go fully over longer nails? Many thanks…Mal…

    1. Kim

      Hi Mal,

      Yes, my nails are pretty long and they cover nicely.

  3. myishia simmons

    How do you purchase these plates?