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Infinity Nails Stamping Plates 69-75 – Test Stamps

Hello readers,

Here is the next video in the Infinity series. This one will show test stamps from plates 69-75. Hopefully I will get the videos showing the original 1-50 up soon so stay tuned!

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5 comments on “Infinity Nails Stamping Plates 69-75 – Test Stamps

  1. Lisa Gross

    Love your videos on one of them you mention cleaning your stamper on something what was it and where can you get one. Do you have naturally strong nails or what do you do to get them. they are so perfect.

    1. Kim

      Hi Lisa,

      I clean my stamper with a lint roller, excess polish comes right off, I get them from the grocery store. You can also use packing tape. I would avoid acetone as it will degrade the silicone pad over time.

      My nails are definitely not naturally strong, lol, that’s why I started using gel polish, it stays on my nails and gives more strength than regular polish. I don’t really do anything special, just a light file to keep the tips nice and straight and I apply cuticle oil several times daily to prevent hangnails.

      1. Lisa Gross

        Thank you I would never have thought of a lint roller and I did not know about the acetone and silicone, love your nail keep up the great videos.

  2. liza

    hi mam.i want buy thats plate where can i please thanks