Weekly mani: Abstract watercolor

Hello dear readers,

I finally got around to doing a new mani! I was going to do a gradient mani with some texture polishes but everything I was trying just wasn’t working for me, I’ll be the first to admit that I suck at doing gradients with the sponge technique, so I dug out my watercolors and was going to do a stamp and then fill in with the watercolor and while it looked nice I just wasn’t feeling it. So, what to do? Well, hand draw something of course!

P1030700 copy

I started with 2 coats of ibd Whipped Cream and removed the sticky layer. Using a very, very fine detail brush I used thinned black acrylic paint to draw the design and let it dry. Using a small watercolor paint brush I placed watercolors into some random areas of the design, with the same brush, I placed a little dot of water into the areas and then blotted with the brush to create a shaded effect. After the colors dried, I topped with 1 coat of top coat and done! I didn’t think I would like how colorful this is but I really do, I really, really do….I can’t stop looking at it, lol.

Products used:

Base: ibd Whipped Cream
Outline: Basics acrylic paint
Colored areas: Reeves watercolors
Topcoat: Kiss Gel Top

abstract watercolor


6 comments on “Weekly mani: Abstract watercolor

  1. arachne646

    Wow! What a great job of freehand painting–pretty impressive!

    1. Kim

      Thank you!

  2. kathy

    I love the way the nails look such a great job

    1. Kim

      Thank you very much Kathy!

  3. Laura

    Lovely as usual. :)

    1. Kim

      Thanks so much Laura!