Weekly Mani: Sexy Framed and Stamped Design

Hello dear readers,


I have been wanting to try this style of black stamping over clear nails for a while now, I just needed to figure out how to do it using gel polish. Turns out to be very easy to do. Really, it is!


First I applied the base gel and cured and then wiped the sticky layer, this helps the black from spreading too much. I then took my favorite black gel polish, LeChat Black Velvet, and painted a thin frame around the nail using a small detail brush. I used a stiffer small brush and some alcohol to tidy up any wobbly lines. I cured then applied 1 coat of topcoat and wiped the sticky layer. I then took my Konad Black stamping polish and using an image from CiCi & SiSi #5 plate I stamped the design over the clear area. Any excess stamp on the black frame was removed with non-acetone and my Elf concealer brush. I then applied 2 coats of topcoat the seal the stamp.

For the accent nail, I applied 2 coats Black Velvet, cured and wiped sticky layer. I laid down some base gel and placed the square studs, circle and Swarovski crystal, cured to lock in place and topped with 2 coats of topcoat.

I wasn’t sure if I would really like this but I am in love with this look and it sure does get a lot comments. I should have a video up soon showing how to do this design so stay tuned!


black and clear mani

Products used:

LeChat Black Velvet
Konad Black stamping polish
Studs: Silver square and hollow round
Crystal: Swarovski