Monthly Archives: July 2014


Weekly Mani: Red and Black Framed Nail Art

Hi everyone, I liked my black framed mani so much I thought I’d show you that the design looks great on shorties too! I used my fave red IBD Luck of The Draw as the base, removed the tacky layer and then used my fave black LeChat Black Velvet...


Weekly Mani: iGel Pure White with Stamp

Hi dear readers, Another white mani you say, why yes, I’m kinda in love with white polish at the moment. This mani is actually a result of a fail with some water decals from Kiss. I found 3 really cool designs at my local grocery store and thought they...

yt 1000

1000 YouTube Subscribers

Hello dear readers, I just wanted to share that I have just reached my 1000th YouTube subscriber! I honestly never thought that my passion for nail art and gel polish would interest so many people. That so many people have joined me in my passion is quite humbling. I...


Weekly Mani: The Shorties are Back

Hello everyone, Well, as you can see, I am back to nubbins for a while :(. I broke several nails after dropping a box, most on my photograph hand, naturally. I will be photographing my right hand for now, at least until my nail that broke to quick grows...


UV/LED Nail Lamps: Are They Safe?

Hello dear readers, I’ve had many people tell me that they want to try gel polish but have heard that the UV/LED lamps used to cure it causes skin cancer, thank you Dr Oz and mainstream media! Now, I’m not a scientist, chemist or professional nail technician, I’m just...


Pueen “Encore” Special Edition Stamping Plates

Hello dear readers, I’m pleased to show you Pueen’s newest collection, the Special Edition “Encore” plates. These come nicely packaged in a red vegan leather album secured with an elastic gold bow. Inside you will find a set of 4 plates encased in vinyl sleeves. Each plate is etched...


Weekly Mani: 4th of July

Hello dear readers, This is a first for me, a literal holiday design. If I do something for a holiday is more abstract, usually just using a color scheme related to the holiday and maybe a stamp. I have been wanting to try a flag design for a while...