Pueen “Encore” Special Edition Stamping Plates

Hello dear readers,

I’m pleased to show you Pueen’s newest collection, the Special Edition “Encore” plates. These come nicely packaged in a red vegan leather album secured with an elastic gold bow. Inside you will find a set of 4 plates encased in vinyl sleeves. Each plate is etched with images on both sides. The plate itself measures 4″x4″ with the etched area measuring 3 1/8″ x 3 1/8″. The vinyl sleeves have a precut ‘window’ that is to be removed and then the blue protective film covering the entire plate can be removed. The remaining vinyl ‘frame’ is meant to protect your hands from the sharp metal edges. Now my thoughts on this collection. 

The album

The vinyl sleeve with precut ‘window’

Peeling back the window

The good: there is nice variety of images, mostly floral, motifs, spirals and flourishes, this set really speaks to me with all the girly swirls and flowers. There is also one area with wording, some gorgeous butterfly images and interesting geometric images. Some of the florals and motifs will be perfect for the decal or leadlight techniques. The plates are etched quite nicely and most images stamp perfectly, even the delicate fine-lined images. I saw no mistakes or missed spots in the etching on my plates. I will be doing a companion video showing test stamps soon.

The bad: I have only one gripe about this set, I really, really dislike the vinyl ‘frame’. I know they meant well trying to keep our fingers from being sliced open by sharp edges but this a poor design idea for several reasons. Trying to remove the center window was a real PITA, I ended up having to use the point of my nippers to pry up a corner. The precut window was also not cut cleanly enough on some of my plates and I had to tug a little to get it removed, this resulted in the thin vinyl being stretched and misshapen, see photo below. Any frame, in my opinion, is just a bad idea, it forces you to scape towards the center which I don’t like and just makes for more etched area you have to clean. Now if you’re a rebel and say “screw it, I’ll scape towards the edge if I want” you’ll find yourself cleaning excess polish from underneath your lovely protective frame and worse, it will also affect getting a good, level scrape especially if you use a wider card scraper like I do.  A better alternative to the frame would have been to polish the edges smooth like the Mundo de Unas plates.

Misshapen frame from tugging at uncut area

Closeup of stretched frame

I ended up cutting off the frames by snipping into each corner and carefully pulling it off and then removed the blue film. WARNING: if you decide to do this please, please be VERY careful, the edges are very sharp, blood is not meant for stamping :). I would not let children handle these if you remove the frames.


Here are the full size scans, click on them to enlarge.




So overall, I am impressed with the designs and the quality of the etchings but not so impressed with the frames. I still think this is a set worth owning and I’m happy to add it to my collection. I hope you have found this helpful and stayed tuned for the test stamps video.


Purchase here: Pueen Special Edition Encore Collection


6 comments on “Pueen “Encore” Special Edition Stamping Plates

  1. Cassis P

    Wow, I wonder why Pueen didn’t expect this to happen!? I would rather have 8 one-sided plate than have 4 of these silly designs. Such a pity coz the designs are gorgeous. And thank you always for the big size scans, they are really helpful!

    1. Kim

      Yeah, the designs are quite nice and worth having, they just chose a cheaper way, I assume, to handle the issue of the edges.

  2. Traci Lecheler

    Thank you for this post, I have been debating on these plates. Also to dull the edges of sharp plates I use a regular cheap nail file on the edges of my plates. Twice around with the brown side and again with the tan side. Maybe that would help these plates too.

    1. Kim

      Hi Traci…I say get them, the designs really are lovely, it’s just the frames that suck :D.

  3. cynthia

    Fine steel wool around the edges will soften them up nicely :-)

    1. Kim

      My boyfriend is taking them to work and will polish the edges for me :D.