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Video: Pueen Encore Collection-Test Stamps

Hi readers,

Here is the companion video for the Pueen Encore collection post. I show the problems I had with the plate frames and there are plenty of test stamps to show the beautiful images.



14 comments on “Video: Pueen Encore Collection-Test Stamps

  1. lissette

    Where xan i buy that plates collection

    1. Kim

      You can purchase through Amazon or through Pueen

  2. Victoria

    Thank you so much for your thorough review of the new Pueen stamping plate collection! Your stamping plate inventory page is also such a huge help! I have learned so much from your excellent tutorials, and your blog consistently provides me with new ideas and inspiration! Thanks again! I always look forward to your new posts!

    1. Kim

      Thanks Victoria! I’m very happy to hear the tutorials were helpful to you :).

  3. manisha

    Nice review. The test stamps look crisp and beautiful

    1. Kim

      Thank you! :)

  4. Dawn Furlong

    Thank you so much for this detailed review! These look like lovely plates, which I am looking forward to adding to my collection!

    1. Kim

      Thank you! It’s a nice collection to have.

  5. Girl Stuff

    Thank you so much!
    I was wondering what squishy stamper and large scraper you’re using? Looks fab to use!

    1. Kim

      I use a XL stamper fron Ninja Polish and a card scraper that came in a Cheeky plate collection.

  6. Jo Hyatt Saint

    Thankyou for the review Kim, brilliant as usual! I purchase them plus 20 more :) and they arrived today. So excited. Please tell me how you clean your XML stamper? You appear to be dabbing in on something. I love it but OMG how to clean it, Nightmare. Your advice would be so grateful :)

    1. Kim

      Hi Jo,

      I clean mine with a lint roller, I just press it and it completely cleans any left over stamp. You can also use packing tape. Try to avoid the acetone as this will degrade the silicone over time.

      1. Jo

        Wow, what a fantastic little tip. Thankyou so very much, I was so frustrated with the cleaning. Your so clever. Just love your work ❤️

        1. Kim

          😀 I can’t take credit for the idea but it’s such a great way to clean the stamper that I pass it along to anyone who asks.