Weekly Mani: Red and Black Framed Nail Art

Hi everyone,

I liked my black framed mani so much I thought I’d show you that the design looks great on shorties too!


I used my fave red IBD Luck of The Draw
as the base, removed the tacky layer and then used my fave black LeChat Black Velvet
to form the frame, I used a small detail brush to get the lines thin. I cleaned up any wonky lines with a small stiff brush and 99% alcohol.

I wanted the red to mostly show so I chose a flower stamp from the CiCi & SiSi set, plate # 5.  For the accent nail, I simply placed 7  1.5mm gold studs in a staggered pattern within the frame. Two coats of topcoat over everything and done!





6 comments on “Weekly Mani: Red and Black Framed Nail Art

  1. Sharon Cook

    Hi Kim,
    Thank you again for all of your videos and pics….you have given me so much inspiration and things I can’t wait to try!! :) I have a couple of questions about particular products that I wondered if you might know about from your experience (again, I am new to all of this, and I haven’t been able to locate much information on these specifically). One is the Kiss Top Gel. I have one from a set of the Kiss Gel Dress and mine says “Double Up Top gel”. Do you know if this is the same formula or not? Also, the Lechat Black Velvet; I’ve seen Lechat’s Nobility line and they have one labelled simply “Black”. Do you know if this is their version of the Black Velvet but in a single? (I don’t need a regular black every time I would want to get the gel black). Sorry to be so wordy; just trying to explain as best as possible. If you have any info on these I would be very grateful. Thanks!

    1. Kim

      Hi Sharon,

      The Double Up gel, in my opinion, is not the same as their Top Gel. I bought a bottle of the Double Up and it has a slightly different consistency and it applied streaky, it would leave gaps that I had to keep painting over to get to cover completely. My Kiss Top Gel never did this. The Top Gel is hard to find now, you pretty much have to find it online.

      As for the Nobility Black, I don’t have it so I can’t say for sure it’s as opaque as Black Velvet. Someone on a Facebook group contacted LeChat and they responded that the Nobility line is the same as their Perfect Match line. If you get the Nobility colors I would like to know how they look.

  2. Sharon Cook

    Thanks so much for your feedback-that helps me so much! I assumed that the Kiss gel I had was the same, but when I was swatching some colors and using it I had the same issues you mentioned. I knew you raved about the Kiss Top gel, so I wondered if what I had was indeed a completely different formula. Good to know!

    I have been thinking I might try both blacks from Lechat and compare them. If I do, I’ll let you know :)

    1. Kim

      Glad I could help, I do love the Kiss Top Gel and I’m hoarding any bottles I can find. I checked the lot numbers on the Double Up and the Top Gel and they are different which makes me think even more it’s not the same formula.

      I would definitely like to hear back if the Nobility is the same black :)

  3. Sharon

    Hi Kim,
    Just wanted to give you an update; I just received the bottle of Lechat Black that I ordered and did some swatches last night. I also re-watched your gel black comparison video, and from what you described and my experience swatching it last night, I’m pretty sure it’s the same formula as the Black Velvet. It was pretty much opaque in one coat, applied beautifully, etc.

    I also acquired and used the “real” Kiss Top Gel, and all I can say is “wow—what a difference!!”. It worked soooo much better. (I think I’ll probably save the Double Up for top coating swatch sticks because it’s not good for anything else! :D)

    Thanks again for your fantastic work, and your help and feedback….I am so grateful!

    1. Kim

      Thanks for getting back about the Nobility Black…good to know I have another option if I can’t find Black Velvet. I’m glad to know too that I’m not the only one to experience the same problem with Kiss Double Up.