Flashback mani: Snakeskin!

Hi dear readers,

I was going through my picture files to clear things out and I came across this manicure from almost 2 years ago, I thought you might get a kick out it. I used gel polish, some craft store netting and CND additives to create a snakeskin look. Please excuse the crappy pics, these were taken before I got a decent camera and light tent.


To create this I used a taupe gel polish base, cured and removed sticky layer. I then took a bit of netting and stretched it over the nail and holding it tight I applied a thin layer of a flesh colored gel and cured for about 10 seconds then carefully lifted the netting away and cured for another 30 seconds. The “scales” were slightly raised for a nice realistic effect. I then applied Black, Yellow and Bronze CND additives onto the scales in the sticky layer. I applied 3 coats of topcoat because, at the time, I wasn’t too keen on the textured feel but if I were to do this again I would do only 1 or 2 the keep the realistic scale feel.


Here’s a closeup of the effect.



Thank you for indulging me in my trip down memory lane!


One comment on “Flashback mani: Snakeskin!

  1. Morticia Adams

    Love this technique!! Thank you so much for sharing it :)