Weekly Mani: ASP Alluring Azure with MoYou stamp

Hi dear readers,

I’m going to tell on myself, this week’s mani is a result of me being too lazy to come up with something else. It was the end of the evening and I’d been busy all day with a doctor visit and house cleaning and then we went out to eat so by the time I sat down to remove the previous mani it was late. I don’t usually do my best creative-wise when I’m tired and not feeling well so I just sort of settled for this design. Don’t get me wrong, I love this color blue and the MoYou stamp looks nice with it but I’m kind of “meh” about it. 

I started with ASP Alluring Azure, a gorgeous borderline neon blue. I say neon because its very similar to Color Club’s Chelsea Girl (from their Poptastic neon collection), Alluring Azure is just a smidge deeper blue. Formula was nice but I did have a bit of shrink back at the cuticles and tips even when I removed the tacky layer from the base. It was opaque in 2 thin coats. Sally’s has a buy an ASP top coat and get a gel polish free (from their Sizzlin’ Summer collection only) deal.



Color Club Chelsea Girl for comparison:
color club neon
I added a stamp from the MoYou Explorer collection #21. I stamped with Sally Hansen Black Heart.


Photo note: I tried to get an accurate color representation but my camera washes the blue out a bit…it is a slightly deeper blue in person.


neon blue with stamp


When I soaked of this mani I noticed that it had stained my nails blue, see picture below. Staining is pretty rare with gel polishes and I’ve only experienced one other time with Ink Geisha. A light buff was all it took to remove the stains but this issue might make me think twice about wearing this color again. And to clarify, I have not experienced staining with any other ASP color.