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Video: IBD Just Gel Color Swatches Parts 1, 2 and 3

Hi dear readers,

First let me say I fully intended to post a mani this past week but I made the mistake of using Gelish Go Girl and it faded to an ugly flesh color less than 8 hours after applying. I might just do a post anyway as a warning to those thinking about this color, needless to say I was not very pleased.

On to subject of this post, I have uploaded all 3 parts of the IBD Just Gel color swatches. Take a look and let me know what you think!

Next up will be LeChat swatches.



4 comments on “Video: IBD Just Gel Color Swatches Parts 1, 2 and 3

  1. Laura

    Ooo. Can’t wait for the Le Chats . . . :) Especially if you have any thermals. And I have given up for now on getting a bubble gum color like “Go Girl.” Sadness.

    1. Kim

      I have only one thermal and about 25-30 colors. I believe I have found the perfect bright Barbie pink, IBD Inky Pinky and others have said it does not fade. Check it out!

  2. jessica amacher

    I have an almost dupe for Gelish You Glare. It is the same color just more a cream and not quite as “jelly”. It’s Perfect Match Violetta. Beautiful application. I love it!!!

    1. Kim

      I have Violetta, and it’s darker than YG,IG…enough so that I don’t really see it as a dupe. It’s almost like it’s not neon enough to be a match. Oh well, the search continues, lol. :)