Weekly Mani: Foiled Color Block Design

Hello dear readers,

Ahhh, I couldn’t soak off that faded mess that was my last mani quick enough and do this current design ( Gelish Go Girl faded to a sickly flesh color so I did not post it ).  I’ve been wanting to try a color block design with foiling so here is what I came up with.


First, I placed a dot of pink, blue, purple and yellow gel polishes ( brands used listed below) on a tile and using a small art brush I painted random block shapes (done over wiped base coat). I flash cured each block to make sure they held their shape. Once I covered the entire nail, I cured for the full 30 seconds. I cleansed the sticky layer with alcohol and then using Shellac Black Pool and a very fine art brush I outlined the shapes. Cured for 3 min in a UV lamp and then took some gold transfer foil and pressed into the tacky layer. Topped with 2 coats Gelaze top coat and done!

This really is pretty easy to do, just time consuming, especially doing all the nails.

gilded block design

And speaking of Gelaze, I’m really not keen on their formula for the colors BUT the top coat is really nice. It’s on the thick side but it applies very nicely with no skips, pitting or flooding into the sidewalls and its very shiny. My last mani, with 2 coats of Gelaze top was still super shiny with no tip wear after a week. Soak off was not a problem, I just buffed the shine off and it took about 10 min. So it looks like I have found a replacement for my fave Kiss Top Gel, which has been discontinued.

Polishes used:

Pink: Gel II Petal Beige
Purple: TruGel Fairy-Pairy-Winkle
Blue: Fingerpaints Cool Blue Harmony
Yellow: IBD Rocco
Black outline: Shellac Black Pool


9 comments on “Weekly Mani: Foiled Color Block Design

  1. allsmokeandmirrors

    Great design! I love how you used the foils here.

    1. Kim

      Thanks so much!

  2. Laura

    Looks divine. :)

    1. Kim

      Thank you!

  3. Zoe

    Gorgeous design as always Kim, love the colours

  4. Diana

    i love this design. reminds me of some jewellery manufacturer whose name does not pop in my mind right now. i suppose i can use any other black gel polish for the lines? in your latest video (vintage with moyra) you use another gel for that purpose (from eBay, i don’t remember the name). why so? thank you!

    1. Kim

      Hi Diana, I used the LVMAY because it’s got a very tacky inhibition layer, probably the stickiest LED cure black gel I’ve tried so far. Most black gel polishes will NOT have a sticky enough layer to transfer the foil completely, the only one that does a decent job is Shellac Black Pool and that’s UV cure only. I have several “foiling” black gels and the results have been hit or miss…the LVMAY transfers perfectly every time.

      1. Diana

        Thank you for your opinion, Kim! Yesterday I have ordered Moyra stamping plates (after watching your review) and together with them I ordered a black foil gel from Moyra as well. Hope it will also work because the LVMay seller on ebay doesn’t ship to germany.
        Thanks a lot again, also for your very helpful videos and inspiring designs!