7 comments on “Video Tutorial: 3D Relief Nail Art

  1. arachne646

    I was thinking Mosaic gel paint might be just the product to use for the leading in the “stained glass” technique, and it cures in LED, too. If I try it I will let you know.

    1. Kim

      I would love to hear about your results :).

  2. dana kim

    Where do you get the mosaic gel??

    1. arachne646

      The only place I know of (in North America) is the Canadian distributor:
      I have ordered their new gel paint that’s specially for adhering foil, but haven’t got it yet. I envy you your US Postal Service; it’s way cheaper and faster than Canada Post.

    2. Kim

      Mine were a gift, as Arachne646 says, the only place I’ve found them is They are pricey but a little goes a long way, I’ll probably never use it all.

  3. Shannon

    Just to be sure, this is the Mosaic gel paint correct. I did find them on the nail essentialz website but there is 5 different types of the mosaic gel products. It looks similar to what you have, but I wanted to be sure because they are quite a bit pricy. Also, you have the white one, would you be able to use the basic color and add additional pigments to give you more of a variety without breaking the bank on a small pot for $25.00?


    1. Kim

      Yes, Mosaic gel paint. I suppose you could get a basic color and add pigment but you’d have to careful with the ratio. Too much pigment and the gel will not cure properly.