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Video: LeChat Perfect Match Color Swatches Part 3

Hi everyone,

For your viewing pleasure, part 3 of the LeChat color swatches! Hope you are finding the series helpful.

Up next, part 4 with the final 6 polishes.


5 comments on “Video: LeChat Perfect Match Color Swatches Part 3

  1. Wordl8y

    Thanks for another helpful video review! The Moon River looks exactly like what I want for a Tiffany blue. I’m glad you talked about Pink Lady, because it did look less pink in the video. You mentioned some of the glitters can be hard to work with, unlike Hologram Diamond. I just bought Night at the Cinema, and there’s a big blob of glitter that has sort of glued the brush bristles together. Do you think stirring would help, or is it a goner? Thanks!

    1. Kim

      Yeah, my Night at the Cinema is very thick too. I had a polish that has what seemed a cured glob on the brush, I just soaked the brush in some acetone for a minute or two and it cleaned right up. You may need to stir the glitter polishes especially if they have been sitting unused for a while.

      1. Wordl8y

        Thanks a lot, Kim! I’ll give it a try.

  2. Cozi

    What do you do with all the nail polish that you get with the gel?

    1. Kim

      I will use it for my toes or sometimes for stamping.