Weekly Mani: Simple Silver Holo Glitter Mani + Video

Hello readers,


This week’s mani may seem like a plain silver glitter, that is until light hits it and then BAM, full spectrum holo goodness! This gorgeous glitter is Fantasy Makers Confetti, a stunning linear silver holo micro glitter, it’s made by Wet N Wild and can usually only be found around Halloween in grocery stores, Walgreens, CVS and WalMart.


A note about the photos, because of the spectacular colors my camera would NOT behave and capture the full awesomeness, so while I do have a few photos in this post I encourage you to view the short video I’ve included to see just how beautiful the color spectrum really is.


This is a very simple mani, I just applied the loose glitter into the cured base gel tacky layer, smoothed with a brush and then my finger, then topped with a coat of top coat, cured and applied a second layer of glitter into the sticky layer, smoothed and applied 2 more coats of top coat. Easy peasy! Now you’re ready to enjoy the gorgeous and very distracting holographic colors.

P1040056 P1040057

Here are few blurred screen shots to show the rainbow spectrum…

Fantasy Makers Holographic Glitter 1602

Fantasy Makers Holographic Glitter 0767

Stay tuned for a short tutorial, coming soon!


11 comments on “Weekly Mani: Simple Silver Holo Glitter Mani + Video

  1. Laura

    Ahhh . . . I never thought about getting this look with just glitter! Now I have to go look for it. :) Is it in the Halloween section?

    1. Kim

      There are usually small displays set up in the cosmetic area.

      1. Kelly A.

        I just purchased a couple of bottles (off-season), and did a test swatch and OMG I love this GLITTER! It is an AMAZING HOLO. Thanks Kim for the video. The only thing I did differently is that I used foil glue as opposed to gel for easy removal, other than that everything else was exactly the same. This is some serious holo effect and as much as I love all that sparkles it will be hard to resist using it too much :)

        1. Kim

          I’m interested to know how the mani lasted using the foil glue. I’ve used it with foil and gel but it peeled after a few days.

  2. Abop Laquerlove

    Ooh, I have this glitter. Must try this!

  3. Sandi

    Do you think it would work with clear polish?

    1. Kim

      Do you mean regular clear polish or gel top coat?

  4. E

    Does it feel bumpy?

    1. Kim

      No, I make sure to smooth the glitter in the tacky layer really well and then 2 coats of topcoat make it quite smooth.

  5. Jeffrey Rardon

    Were can I buy fantasy makers silver holo micro glitter

    1. Kim

      You can probably find some on eBay…or wait until Halloween, Wet and Wild puts out the glitter every Halloween. Try Walgreens or CVS around that time.