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Video: LeChat Perfect Match Color Swatches Part 4

Hello everyone,

Here is the final video in the LeChat series. I hope they have been helpful. Next series, Gelish color swatches.


8 comments on “Video: LeChat Perfect Match Color Swatches Part 4

  1. Gel addict

    Love you’re swatch reviews so helpful Iam a total gel collector . Please do GeI II . So lovely

    1. Kim

      Thank you!

  2. Jnc

    I notice you have one brown but it is really dark. I am looking for a pretty chocolate brown and wondered it you know of one that is good. I use mostly Gelish and have a few leChats but if you know of one that is good in any brand I would be interested in your recommendation. Thanks so much for all the work you put into your videos. Love them.

    1. Kim

      The only chocolate brown I have is Gel II Chocolate Cream, it has subtle golden shimmer and is quite pretty. LeChat has a nice medium brown cream, Hazelwood, in their new fall collection. OPI Gel Color has a beautiful brown with a subtle golden shimmer, Wooden Shoe Like to Know.

      1. Jnc

        Thank you kim…….I will check these out.

  3. Wordl8y

    Kim, what you experienced with Ready for My Closeup is exactly what I experienced with Night at the Cinema that I posted about in your Part 2, I think, of LeChat PM swatches. :(

    1. Kim

      That sucks…Can you return it for a new one? Newton Luu, founder of LeChat responded to me about my issue, LeChat prides itself on a quality product and will replace any polish with issues.

      1. Wordl8y

        Hey, thanks for that info! I will definitely try that.