Let’s Play: Which Color is Gelish You Glare, I Glow?

Hello readers,

The answer: they both are!

This post is a result of a comment left by one of my followers about my current mani. She stated that she has Gelish You Glare, I Glow and it was apparent that my camera did not capture the correct color. My first thought was, “well, unless my eyes are deceiving me, the color in the photo is exactly the color on my nails”. This got me thinking, so I did a Google image search and saw a big difference in the photos others were posting.

So, I grabbed my original Gelish mini I got from Sally’s and compared it to my new full size bottle and as you can see they are distinctly different shades. The original YGIG is deeper neon grape purple and the newer bottle is a more pink/purple neon. The new one is still very pretty but that’s not the point, is it? Is it too much to expect to get the same color with a repeat purchase?

Another reason for this post: I wanted everyone to know I always try to get the most accurate color in my photos (and if I can’t, I will let you know in the post) and if one person thought the picture was inaccurate I’m sure there were others that thought the same. This is to show why there is a such a difference in color.


This is a mani I did with the original mini YGIG:


And here is the current mani with the new full size bottle YGIG:


I really do not understand how Gelish can have so little quality control as to have this big of a discrepancy in color.  And as of today, it’s not something I’ll worry about anymore as I will not be purchasing any more Gelish colors (I’ll continue to use their base as it is a good product). It’s just not worth the time, money or hassle, there are just too many issues with Gelish colors (fading, horrible formula with some colors, shrink back) that I don’t have with other gel polishes like LeChat and IBD.

So, farewell Gelish, I wish I could say it’s been fun :(.


5 comments on “Let’s Play: Which Color is Gelish You Glare, I Glow?

  1. Laura

    Holy goodness. That’s bizarre. I kinda wondered, but I know even my mini looks different in every light when I wear it. I have read other people saying that Gelish mini colors do not always perfectly match the full size bottles. Why it would be like this, I can’t imagine.

    1. Kim

      I contacted Gelish about the appalling difference and basically the response was since it’s a neon and those pigments are unstable (several of their non-neon colors aren’t stable either and are notorious faders, Go Girl, Princess Tiara to name just two, there are many more) it will change color over time, becoming more pink. The problem I have with that logic is how do they explain the fact my original bottle is still purple and it’s much older than the full size bottle I bought a few weeks ago. I call BS on the explanation and it just reenforces my decision to not buy anymore of their colors.

  2. Cathy

    I have a full size one and it IS purple BUT the shrink back before curing is insane.

  3. Gel addict

    My supplier has stopped selling gelish about 1 1/2 yr ago due to all the continuous issues and said there customer service is terrible .To me that says allot coming from a seller who doesn’t believe in selling poor quality products.

  4. Jnc

    I didn’t really know where to put this…….I am wondering if you know of a lechat or ibd gel polish that would compare with Gelaze Diva Bride. I love the color. It have herd the soak off on Gelaze is tough. Also, would using a base coat with Gelaze make soak off easier? Thanks for all your wonderful info and help.