Swatches: Girly Bits – 80’s Girl Bands

Hello readers,

I have a few regular nail polish swatches to show you today. I was given the chance to try some Girly Bits Lacquer, so I chose 5 from the 80’s Girl Bands collection. I would have shown these a few months ago but right after I received them I had to cut my nails and I wanted to do these beauties justice so I waited until my nails grew out (Thank you Pam, for being so patient!). Let’s get on with the pretty pictures!

Man Size Love

Oh my…just look at this beauty, I’ll wait :)…This is my favorite, it’s a gorgeous holo blue base with micro aqua and turquoise glitter. Application was flawless with opacity in 2 coats. This dried quickly with a slight gritty feel due to the micro glitter but 2 coats topcoat smoothed it out nicely. Man Size Love reminds me of dark wash blue jeans, it’s so gorgeous with the scattered holo and the sparkle of the glitter.


Push It

Push it is a beautiful silver/grey holo with silver, copper and gold glitter accents. I think that the gold and copper glitter is the reason my camera is showing this as more of a champagne silver but in person the light grey is more prominent. Application was great, only needed 2 coats for full coverage and 2 coats topcoat for a smoother finish. This is soooo pretty on the nail, with the winks of copper and gold, it is very eye catching.


Power of Love

Power of Love is a sweet, soft lavender holo accented with silver and lavender holo glitter with some sea green glitter for added interest. It’s a beautiful, delicate shade with flirty flashes of holo. Application was flawless and dried quickly and I found it needed 2 coats of topcoat for a smooth finish.



Conga is an awesome aqua crelly base with tons of pink and white squares, white and aqua dots and lavender and teal hex glitters. Now all of you know I use gel pretty exclusively but I love the ‘confetti’ type polishes but I suck at trying to get the glitter even (I’m used to being able to work with gel polish as long as I like without worrying about it drying) so I ended up doing this one twice. I found that thinner coats worked best and sort of floating the brush over the nail helped. It took three coats for opacity and took a little longer to dry than the holos. Finish is the typical bumpy feel because of the larger glitter. I applied 3 coats of topcoat but still had a slight bumpiness. My camera is dropping some of the green but it is a beautiful aqua color in person.


Neutron Dance

This is a pretty florescent pink crelly base with lots of neon pink, yellow and green square and hex glitter. This is three coats for opacity and it dried pretty quickly. I needed 3 coats topcoat for a smoother finish but it still has a slight bumpy feel. Because this is a florescent neon I had difficulty getting an accurate color pic. My camera wants to see a slight peach undertone but this is definitely a bright neon candy pink.

Overall, I’m impressed with this brand. I love the colors and the interesting glitter combinations. Application was very easy for all of them (I just have a learning curve with the ones packed with the multi-sized glitter, lol) and I will be definitely using those holos in a gel polish sandwich soon.

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*All polishes are blogger press samples*

Info from the Girly Bits website:

All Girly Bits Nail Lacquers are:

hand blended and poured
At least B3 Free [meaning free of formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate (DBP)]Some formulas are 4 and 5 Free.
made using the highest quality mica, pigments and glitter
in a standard 15mL bottle
kept mixed by two stainless steel beads
cruelty free, NEVER tested on animals
Made in Canada.


2 comments on “Swatches: Girly Bits – 80’s Girl Bands

  1. arachne646

    i really like using “Gelous” to smooth out those real nail polish glitters which otherwise would take many layers of topcoat. It’s sold at Sally beauty supply, for one, as a smoothing basecoat. I use one coat of quickdry topcoat after that, and the result is always glassy.

    1. Kim

      Thanks for the tip!…since I don’t usually use regular polish polish, except for stamping, I didn’t have anything but regular topcoat to do the swatches. I look into getting Gelous if I swatch more regular polish :)