Video: Gel Polish Top Coats: A review of 12 brands

Hello dear readers,

At the request of a few of my readers, I have done a top coat review. I give my opinion and my experiences with 12 different brands. This video features:

Kiss Gel Top
Kiss Double Up
LeChat High Gloss Top Gel Sealer
Gelaze Top
Shellac Top Coat
Ink Top Coat
ASP Top Coat
Sally Hansen Insta Gel Top Coat
Gelish Top It Off
Gel II Top Coat
RCM Brilliance


14 comments on “Video: Gel Polish Top Coats: A review of 12 brands

  1. Shannon

    You did mention that for the Shellac top coat was UV only, doesn’t it state that it can be used with LED as well?

    1. Kim

      No, my bottle says UV and it will not cure in my Gelish 18G. I checked the CND site and it states Shellac should be cured in a UV lamp. There was some talk (rumors) that they had reformulated to LED cure but none of the ones I have will cure in my LED lamp.

  2. Michelle

    Is it possible to include Gelicure & Mani Q in your tested too please?

    1. Kim

      If I ever get those two brands I will certainly do a video.

  3. Jnc

    Thank you so much for this! So helpful.

  4. Abop Laquerlove

    Thank you for the video! I have one question – the Le Chat is LED-curable, right? I mistakenly got their base+top that are UV only, so I want to make sure this time if I decide to purchase the High Gloss one. Also do you know if the brand has a LED cure base coat?

    1. Kim

      The LeChat Perfect Match line is now LED/UV curable, some older stock is UV only so you may have to ask the seller to be sure you get the right one. Yes, the base is LED cure as well as the top coat.

  5. Laura

    Darn. I saw that new KISS gel the other day and thought of you. Also, I tried an ASP color the other day with Gelish topcoat and noticed some pitting. Maybe it is the colors? :(

  6. Nicole Vigil

    Can you tell me your favorite top coats for UV light?

    1. Kim

      All LED curable gel polishes, bases and tops can be cured in a UV lamp, they just take longer to cure. My fave top is Kiss with LeChat a close second.

  7. sassyshelly

    Hi Kim! Excellent post! This was exactly what I needed to see. Now to search the interwebz for a bottle of the original Kiss tc. :)
    Can I ask you which brand of gel base coat you recommend? (for the longest possible wear time)

    1. Kim

      Thank you, glad it was helpful. I want my mani’s to last at least 2 weeks so I use Gelish base, it has the strongest adhesion on my nails. I got some Madam Glam samples lately and they also sent me a base and top, I’ll be testing these out with my next mani, so stay tuned :).

      1. Jnc

        I can’t wait for your review on Madam Glam……..I have tried some of their gel polish and really like it. I have not tried their base coat yet. Anxious to see what you think.