Weekly mani: Christmas theme design

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to get myself into the Christmas spirit so I decided to do a candy cane and gift themed nail design this week. I have to say, even though I hate my nails this short, I like the result.


For the candy cane nails I used IBD Whipped Cream and then applied a light coat of IBD Siberian Minx for a nice glittery white tone. I then used a small detail art brush and ReformA gel paint Cerise Hood to draw the red lines. For the green accent nail I used 2 coats Gelish Just What I Wanted and for the red accent nail I used 1 coat IBD Luck of the Draw and 2 coats LeChat On the Red Carpet. I then drew the gold ribbon design with EMI Maya Gold gel paint. Topped all with 1 coat topcoat and done! Very easy to do and very glittery and festive.


I hope that everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a safe New Year!


Products used:

IBD Whipped Cream
IBD Siberian Minx
IBD Luck of the Draw
Gelish Just What I Wanted
LeChat On the Red Carpet
ReformA Cerise Hood
EMI Maya Gold


5 comments on “Weekly mani: Christmas theme design

  1. Reina


  2. Carmen hoehn

    So pretty, great job!

  3. Dee

    I was wondering where to purchase EMI Gel Paints?

    1. Kim

      You can buy them here: http://www.thenailnana.us.com/store/c7/E.Mi_Paints.html. They are very pricy and imported from Russia. Be aware that this seller does NOT stock most if not all products. She orders from Russia when you place your order and shipping from Russia takes forever. Also, this seller was not very good at communicating delays or info about missing items. I eventually got all my stuff but it took 4 months!!

      1. Deanne

        I cannot order from that U.S. Site it states U.S orders only. I am from Canada. Thanks a bunch for the heads up about the customer service. Good to know.