Weekly Mani: Turquoise nails

Hello dear readers,


As some of you may know, I have been slightly obsessed with playing with the alcohol inks I showed in my video tutorial last week. I’ve had a grand time seeing what cool stone looks these inks can create.

I had been doing all the swatches over white gel polish but I had seen a picture of a gorgeous turquoise stone with metallic veins and just knew I had to try for the same look. So I dug out my blue gel polish and tried my best :).


Here’s my inspiration:

turquoise stone

First thing I did was mask off the around the nail to avoid stains. (alcohol ink is a dye and will stain just about anything it comes in contact with) I used Proclaim hair glue from Sally’s, its a liquid latex and works great. You simply peel it off when you’re done. And it’s dirt cheap, $1.99, can’t beat that with a stick! (no need to spend 22.00 for Liquid Palisade which is just latex and a colorant). If you do manage to get some of the ink on the skin it will clean up with alcohol.


I used 2 coats ReformA “Haiti” gel polish as my base, which btw, is a fabulous gel brand. Great formula, great coverage, great wear with normal soakoffs. I wiped the sticky layer with alcohol. A note about the color, the reason it has a bit of a green undertone is because of the brown ink.

I used Adirondack alcohol ink in Teakwood and sponged it on in a random pattern, I did not cover the entire nail with the ink. I then used another bit of sponge dipped in isopropyl alcohol (99%) to help form the stone pattern by tapping into the ink and letting it react and spread. You can get smaller patterns by spraying alcohol about  6-7 inches onto the nail. Then with a fine detail art brush dipped into a drop of Teakwood I formed some fine veining.


Using the same fine detail brush, I used Adirondack Copper Mixative to apply tiny metallic areas randomly on top of the Teakwood ‘veins’. This made the whole design really pop. A little goes a long way with these metallics.


Once every thing was dry I topped with 2 coats of topcoat. I noticed a tiny bit of smearing which, oddly, did not happen with my swatches. I used IBD top on the swatches and Kiss top on my mani….I will have to experiment to see if the Kiss top is the problem.
For the accent nail I use E.Mi Baroque Gold Empasta gel paint to draw the scroll design. I did 3 layers for a 3D effect and cured each layer. I then mixed a tiny bit of black gel into the gold and painted in a few shadows to enhance the 3D look and cured. Topped with 1 coat top coat and done!


I’m really happy and excited how this came out and couldn’t wait to share this with you guys. I hope you like it! Stayed tuned for a how-to video for this turquoise look!


Products used:

Base color: ReformA Gel Polish “Haiti”
Inks: Adirondack Alcohol Inks Teakwood and Teakwood
Gold gel: E.Mi Empasta Baroque Gold


23 comments on “Weekly Mani: Turquoise nails

  1. Sara N.

    So gorgeous!

  2. Tess

    Where can I purchase the ink?

  3. Kim

    There’s a link where to purchase at the bottom of the post. :)

  4. Stephanie Eadie

    I LOVE what you have done with the alcohol ink! I thought it was fun making my own jelly colors….but this technique really is addictive. Thank you for helping me spend more money. Lol

    1. Kim

      Hey, I’m here to enable! I hope you have as much fun as I did :).

  5. Macar'Ongle

    Wow, these are amazing ! I love them !!!

    1. Kim

      Thank you so much!

  6. koolklawz

    I love this look! The mixative gives the whole design a 3D effect that’s looks so realistic…gorgeous!

    1. Kim

      Yeah, I really like it with the copper too :).

    1. Kim

      Thank you!

  7. Alexis O

    This truly is the most perfect turquoise manicure I have ever seen. That veining is fabulous. Oddly enough, I looked at your blog post right after painting my nails with an attempt at veined turquoise nails . . . mine ended up looking more like oxidized metal though.

    1. Kim

      I’m glad you like it…I hope you give it another try!

  8. JKP

    Seriously AMAZING!

    1. Kim

      Thank you!

  9. Laura

    Most gorgeous. I knew you would take that already beautiful technique and make it into something amazing.

    1. Kim

      Thank you very much!

  10. Leslie

    I’ll echo what I’m sure you’ve heard plenty by now, but this is quite frankly the best interpretation of turqoise stone nail art I’ve seen thus far!!! So good in fact I dropped everything I had planned after work and ran to the craft store for alcohol ink. One issue though: I found the brand at my local store AND the copper shade but as far as the brown pigment they only have mushroom, espresso, and latte

    1. Kim

      Thank you so much Leslie! Mushroom, Latte and Caramel aren’t as opaque as Teakwood. Espresso is probably going to be the closest to Teakwood. If you try the design I would love what you come up with!

  11. Leslie

    * and caramel. Do you think any of them would be suitable substitutes?

  12. NailsByKarise

    Wow, the effect is amazingggg!

    1. Kim