Sneak Peek: Chrome nails

Hello readers,

I was hoping to have a new mani to show you this week but house cleaning, a late dinner and just not feeling very well was not very conducive to starting one tonight. So I thought I’d give you a little sneak peek of what I’ve been playing with the past few days and what I will incorporate into a mani in the next couple days.

I really liked my vintage metal mani, a lot, but unfortunately using the alcohol inks over the entire nail did not give the gel paints and gel top coats enough to adhere to so I had some chipping and peeling after about 3 days and after a week I was ready to soak it off. So, I started looking into the gel chrome polishes, hoping to get longer wear. I have a couple of Bundle Monster chrome/metallic gel polishes but I’m not fan…very, very tricky to apply it to get an even, non-streaky finish. I came across a video of Crystal Nails ChroMe gel polish and they made it look easier to apply so I ordered a few. While they are a little easier to apply they still can be tricky. I won’t get into all the details in this post, I’ll tell you all about those when I post the mani, this post is to share with you some samples I’ve done.

Crystal Nails ChroMe #10 Silver


Crystal Nails ChroMe #13 Coffee

IMG_5923 IMG_5924

Crystal Nails ChroMe #15 Gold Rose

IMG_5942 IMG_448438584 FullSizeRender3

I hope you have enjoyed this little teaser…stay tuned for the new mani!

You can purchase here: Crystal Nails ChroMe


2 comments on “Sneak Peek: Chrome nails

  1. Elaine

    wow this is gorgeous. I love them all. I know very little. Can you do that design in anything? So strong yet feminine. Love, can’t wait for more details. Your other metal was amazing. I enjoy looking at your work, but I need easy for me personally, as I am no artist.

    1. Kim

      Thank you so much Elaine. This type of 3D look would not really be possible with regular polish. This particular design IS easy, I swear, if you can draw a line you can do this. Distressing it took some time but the design itself is easy :D. See my current post for the video tutorial!