New Mani: Neon Flourish Nail Design

Hello dear readers,

I have been so busy at work the past month that I couldn’t find time to do a new mani so it’s a good thing my vintage design lasted 4 weeks before I finally able to do a new one.


For this week’s design I kept it simple, well, simple for me, lol. I wanted to try a new color from Gelaze and pair it with some bright neon colors. The base color is That’s Shore Bright, a gorgeous light, bright purple neon. Now, some of you may know that I’m not a fan of the Gelaze colors, most have terrible shrink back (even after using my Robart shaker) and application can be a bit streaky. That’s Shore Bright is an exception, it applied flawlessly (like buttah) with no streaking and absolutely no shrink back. I’ll even go as far to say that this color applied better than any other that I own. I’m not sure if China Glaze changed their formula or if it’s just a one off but I’m impressed! Two coats was all that was needed and after topping with a coat of top coat I was ready to do my design.


Note: for this design you’ll want to do this over a complete mani as you will not be applying top coat over the art work, this will have a raised, textured feel.

I drew the flourish design with Mosaic Snow White gel paint (this will help the neon colors pop) and did NOT cure. I took two Glam and Glits acrylic powders from the Color Pop Collection in Berry Bliss and Sunset Paradise and sprinkled them into the uncured gel paint creating a gradient. I tapped off the excess powder and sprinkled on a second layer to intensify the color and tapped off the excess. I then cured for 30 seconds in my LED lamp. You can either use a nail brush or a spritz of alcohol to remove any excess powder after curing. What you are left with is a beautiful, hardened, textured design.




Note: Even though acrylic powder was used, it will still soak off with your normal soak off routine. You can file down the design a bit to aid in soaking off.

Stay tuned for the video tutorial!


Products used:

Gelaze: That’s Shore Bright
Glam and Glits: acrylic powder
Mosaic Gel Paint: Snow White



13 comments on “New Mani: Neon Flourish Nail Design

  1. beautybymissl

    This looks absolutely gorgeous!

  2. arachne646

    Your art work, with your free-hand strokes and flourishes design, is marvellous, as usual. What a great idea to use coloured acrylic powders this way!

  3. Zoe

    Hi Kim, as always with your designs, this looks absolutely stunning. I’d love to give it a try. Do you think it would work using ultra fine holographic glitter instead of acrylic powder? I bought some gorgeous glitters recently and was looking for something awesome to try them on. This looks amazing, do you think it would work with glitter? Many thanks, Zoe

    1. Kim

      Hi Zoe,

      Yes, super fine glitter will work as well, I’ve seen many pretty designs using the the micro fine glitters.

      1. Zoe

        Thanks Kim :)

  4. Zoe

    Hi Kim, I tried to replicate your gorgeous design but I couldn’t get it to work, I was so disappointed. I was using glitter in place of acrylic powder (I only have clear powder so that’s no good) but it was like the mosaic gel didn’t cure. When I swiped with alcohol, the whole design came off. So then I tried top coating the final product but found the glitter ran and lost the crispness of the design. I tried curing the mosaic gel before applying the glitter but that didn’t work either. So I may need to invest in some coloured acrylic powder. I love this design, I really want to get it to work. Cheers, Zoe

    1. Kim

      Hi Zoe, sorry this doesn’t seem to be working for you…You can use your clear acrylic if you use colored gel paint to draw your design (I did just that with the design on my mani this week, I used blue gel paint and clear acrylic), you can even get the gradient effect by using 2-3 gel paint colors. If you want the glitter look, you might try acrylic powders with glitter in them.

  5. Zoe

    Hi Kim, I’ve just got the Hand and Nail Harmony Reflections acrylic powders Prisms collection, I can’t wait to try them out. Hopefully I’ll have more luck. If that doesn’t work I might try the coloured gel paint (I’ll have to order some as I’ve only got the white at the moment). Such an addictive hobby :)
    As always, thanks so much for your help and inspiring designs. I love your blog! Cheers, Zoe

    1. Kim

      Hi Zoe, you should have no problems using the powders…I would love to see the mani if you try it :).

  6. Jode Pawsey

    Hi there, I am new to your Blog but OMG I am totally in love it. And you are simply amazing at ur craft. My question is this……Can I use just normal gel (white or clear) to draw the design & then apply the coloured acrylic or do I need the gel paint??? BTW….The gel I was thinking of using is the White Brisa Gel which is extremely thick (not at all running like most gels).

    1. Kim

      Hi Jodi, The Brisa white should work just fine. I like the gel paints as most don’t spread so the Brisa sounds like it’s thick enough. You can use any color gel you like. I used a light blue gel paint and clear acrylic on my previous mani.

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