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Video: Crystal Nails Prismatic (Holo) Gel Polish

Hi dear readers,

I have a short video and a few pics to show you the awesomeness that is Crystal Nails Prismatic gel polish.

These are soak off holo gel polishes! It’s about time…with Color Club dragging their heels putting out their gel holos I was excited to see the CN Prismatics finally distributed in the US and immediately bought one to see how holo they really are. I have to say, I’m pleasantly surprised at how nicely linear they are. I almost expected them to be more scattered.  I’m impressed enough that I have 2 more colors (pink and silver) on the way.


I have the Prisma Gold to show you. The swatches have 3 very thin coats, cured 3 min in UV lamp for each coat. My LED didn’t seem to do a good job with curing this polish. I topped one swatch with Akzentz no-wipe Top Coat and left one without for comparison. I know that with regular polish holos adding a top coat can really reduce the holo effect but the no-wipe top coat did NOT significantly dull the effect. The instructions advise to use 2 coats for a more lasting finish. The swatch without top coat seems quite durable should you prefer to go topless and since it’s gel it should last a decent time without the top.



And here is the short video showing the holo goodness in action!

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