New Mani: Art Deco Style Black and Silver

Hello dear readers,


Well, as you can see I have a new shape, courtesy of Norma at Xclusive Nail Salon in Houston. After cutting down my natural nails due to several breaks I decided I wanted to try a longer almond/stiletto style. This is my first set of acrylics in over 25 years and I really love them, Norma listened to the concerns and preferences I had, took her time and did a terrific job!  I went with a light cover pink because I had a negative space design in mind.


On to the design…the negative space idea sort of morphed into an art deco style, strong geometric lines combined with softer swirls and pink and silver. I used LeChat Black Velvet and a small detail brush to paint the black, cured and topped with 2 thin coats of top coat.


For the center nails, I applied a coat of Akzentz no-wipe topcoat and cured. I then used Mosaic Black gel paint and drew the swirl and lines along one side and cured. I used Crystal Nails ChroMe in Rose Silver and applied over the side of the nail. Using a small detail brush I carefully painted the swirl with the chrome making sure not to flood the area and avoid getting the silver on the pink. Cured to set the chrome and then topped with a coat of Akzentz no-wipe top coat.



I hope you like this week’s mani, I plan to do a video tutorial but it will have to wait until we get back from vacation in about a week and 1/2.


Products used:

LeChat Black Velvet
Mosaic Black gel paint
Crystal Nails ChroMe Rose Silver UV polish
Akzentz Shine On no-wipe topcoat
Crystal Nails art brushes



8 comments on “New Mani: Art Deco Style Black and Silver

  1. myishia simmons

    Love the new nail shape! And the design is terrific as well.

  2. Laura

    Interesting change. I especially like the silver swirls. :)

  3. Lacquer Lockdown

    This is stunning! I really want to move into more 3D shapes for my nail art too. You’re such an inspiration for this <3 and I love your stilettos!

    1. Kim

      Thanks very much…I kinda do love the stiletto shape. Glad you like the 3D designs!

  4. Sue Rathbone

    Loving the new shape. And I adore anything Art Deco. Well done as usual xx

    1. Kim

      Thanks Sue!

  5. Miriam

    hi, I know that Le Chat is your favorite gel polish, but since it takes me so long to do a Gel Manicure I was wondering if there is a one step gel polish system that applies well, will last and doesn’t have shrinkage issues. Do you recommend the Crystal Nails One step gel polish system? Have you tried several of them? Until now I’ve been using Gelish which I hate, until watching your reviews I thought it was me! thx, xxx

    1. Kim

      Hi Miriam,

      I have tried 2 CN One Step polishes and both wore great. The only downside for me was the shine just wasn’t as glossy as when you do an individual top coat. This seems to be the main con with most one steps, although CN One Step is the only one I have tried, I have read several reviews of others and the most seem to lack the super glossiness of an separate top. I also had a longer soak off, about 25 min as opposed to about 15 with most other gels.

      No, you are not alone in your dislike of Gelish…they fall far short in formula, shrink back and fading, compared to other brands.

      Hope that helps,