Moyra stamping plates + Video

Hello dear readers,

I’m pleased to share with you some of the Moyra stamping plates that I bought recently. I have the Vintage, Labyrinth, Memories and Damask Drapery plates to show you today and I have 6 more on order which I’ll post when I receive them.

This is a Hungarian brand of plates and are have some really beautiful and unique images that I haven’t seen on other plates. Each plate has a good mix of generously sized full nail designs and smaller images. They are well etched and stamp perfectly and they come in individually designed sleeves. Below are scans of the plates and their sleeves and I have also done a video so you can see the plates up close with some test stamps.

Vintage #5


Moyra stamping plates

Damask Drapery #11


Moyra stamping plates-2

Labyrinth #7


Moyra stamping plates-1

Memories #16


Moyra stamping plates-3
And here is the video!

I hope you have enjoyed the Moyra plates and stay tuned for my post for my current manicure!