Blackstar SUGAR/ice Nano Caviar and Lace Design

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I’m so excited to share with you a fabulous new nail art product! It’s called SUGAR/ice nano caviar and I going to do my best to let you know how awesome this caviar is. It was created by Angela from Social Claws. She wanted a nano sized gem mix that was also colorfast and low profile for maximum wearability and she nailed it, in my opinion.

Many of you may have seen a similar product from Swarovski called Crystal Pixie, and while it is a nice caviar, there are several aspects of SUGAR that set it apart from Pixie:

1. SUGAR is a lead free lab-grown gemstone so it’s eco-friendly, it has a hardness of between an 8 to 9 (diamond being a 10 on the hardness scale) depending on the color so this makes SUGAR an extremely durable gem…Crystal Pixie is leaded glass with a hardness of only about 5 which makes is more susceptible to cracking and chipping.

2. SUGAR is colorfast, the color is grown throughout the stones so there is no worry of the color wearing away or dissolving from solvents in regular polish (anyone who has used glass caviar beads probably knows the frustration of having the color wear away after only a day or two or having the color completely dissolve off the glass when used with regular lacquer) . This allows for SUGAR to be a completely reclaimable product (simply soak off with acetone and clean with alcohol. It can be reused many, many times with no color degradation). Crystal Pixie is color coated glass, they use electroplating and foiling for it’s colors which can wear away with use.

3. SUGAR is nano sized and is an equal mix of smooth round stones and faceted stones, 1000 of each. The faceted stones are cut like an ideal cut diamond (flat on top, pointed on bottom) with 56 facets which results in a brilliance that Pixie lacks . SUGAR is low profile and while it has a textured feel it’s not obtrusive and doesn’t snag. Pixie is a mix of rounds and facets as well however they are larger (approx .8mm – .9mm) than SUGAR and their faceted crystals are pointed on both ends and are slightly “pokier” than SUGAR. Pixie’s mix is NOT 50/50, you get far more rounds than facets.

4. Finally, Angela will donate a portion of the proceeds to help with animal adoptions at her local shelter. Helping kittens find a deserving home and having gorgeous, sparkly nails, who could ask for more?!

Ok, now that I’ve done the sales pitch, let’s get to the pretty pictures, lol. I will admit that photos really do not do this product justice. If you haven’t already seen the sneak peek video or the how-to video I posted on YouTube recently, please take a look, you really have to see SUGAR in motion to get an idea of the true brilliance. Both videos will be linked at the bottom of this post.

SUGAR is packaged in a nifty black triangle box with a gem tray and organza bag for cleaning and storage. Simply open the sealed packet and pour the gems into the gem tray.

For my mani, I applied one coat LeChat Black Velvet gel polish, cured, and removed sticky layer. I then applied a thin layer of Akzentz Shine On no-wipe top coat ( I recommend a no-wipe top, this will help your gems stay as brilliant as possible, a topcoat with a sticky layer can leave a dullness even after cleansing). I placed my finger into the lid of the box and then spilled the gems from the gem tray onto the nail making sure to get a good even coverage (you can also apply by lightly pressing  your nail into the caviar in the tray). I tapped off any excess caviar and then used an orangewood stick to lightly press down any gems sticking up. Try not to move the gems around too much, you want them to only sit in the gel, not be completely coated in it. Leave a slight border around the nail, along the sides and tip and then cure in place. Use a small detail brush and a small amount of the top coat and apply it around the border to help seal the gems, cure and you’re done!



For the lace nails, I used Moyra Lacelove plate #15 to stamp over my nude nails. I then used LVMAY black gel paint to add a little border at the tip and around the cuticle, cured and then topped with a coat of topcoat. I applied a second coat of topcoat, placed a small triangle stud at the cuticle area and cured. Done!

Moyra stamping plates-7 copy


Here are few sample nails showing how you can use SUGAR in different designs.

The left nail shows Whitefire down the center bordered by ss5 opal crystals, they have a pave diamond appearance and flashes brilliantly in direct light.

The center nail is Whitefire over a gradient, this has a sugary, frosty look in indirect light and a gorgeous spectrum flashiness in direct light.

The right nail is Pinkaurora over pink polish, the other faceted crystals and pearls are placed first and then SUGAR fills in the rest. With the small fiery flashes from the SUGAR and the winks off the larger crystals this is gorgeous blingy look.


To reclaim and reuse your precious SUGAR, simple soak off in acetone, use a dappen dish or similar small bowl. Place gems in the included organza bag, spray with a little isopropyl alcohol, rub them around in the bag, let dry and they are ready to reuse.


If using SUGAR over acrylic enhancements where soaking off is impractical, I would recommend a base coat film such as Nailebrity Take2 It’s not a Wrap. The film will allow you peel off your SUGAR to then soak off the gems in a dappen dish.


Angela currently offers 3 colors, Blackstar, Pinkaurora and Whitefire. Price is 22.95 for 2000 pieces. I know that may seem a bit pricey but keep in mind these are actual gems not glass and since they can be reused many times you can certainly get your money’s worth.

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 12.46.29 AM Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 12.48.55 AM
Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 12.50.36 AM

Here are the videos, a short sneak peek and the full length how-to:

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you have enjoyed seeing SUGAR/ice.

Products used (click on name for link):

SUGAR/ice  nano caviar
LeChat Black Velvet gel polish
Akzentz Shine On no-wipe Topcoat
Nailebrity Take2 base coat films
Moyra Lacelove stamping plate : just message her with the plates you want to order and she’ll sent an invoice through PayPal
Small gold triangle stud
LVMAY gel paints



5 comments on “Blackstar SUGAR/ice Nano Caviar and Lace Design

  1. Luxe and Lacquered

    Love this full look and the sound of this product! How do you think it would work with regular (not gel) polish?

    1. Kim

      The maker of SUGAR says she wore on a pinkie for almost a week. She says that the wear on a dominant finger ( pointer, middle, thumb) might not last as long. Regular polish is just not as durable as the gel top. Application would be the same, just spill onto a regular top coat.

  2. Nails of Aquarius

    Hey Kim! I could use your help. Can I ask how you removed the Sugar Ice from the basecoat film you recommended? I’ve had it soaking in acetone for hours with no luck. I spent most of the afternoon trying to get Purple Reign to look as sparkly and fabulous on my nails as it did in videos from Social Claws and @thepolishedpinky but my results looked “flat” both IRL and under LED’s for photos. Do you think base color choice could cause this? I was so excited when I learned of the LE purple and thought it would be the perfect accent nail for a Prince tribute nail art design. But I’m ending the day disappointed with a bare nail and 3/4 of my Ice stuck to film. 2,000 pieces may sound like a lot but I learned today that it is substantially less than a Pixie Dust jar and isn’t enough for full coverage on more than 1 nail at a time for me. Bummer. I would truly appreciate any help/advice you can offer. Thanks!

    1. Nails of Aquarius

      There’s no need to reply to my questions anymore Kim. Due to my extreme disappointment with this product I’ve contacted the company for a refund. BTW, 2/3 of my Ice is permanently stuck to the peel off tape, so you may want to remove that recommendation, unless you have some removal instructions to share. I’d hate to see someone else have such a bad experience.

      1. Kim

        Sorry for the late reply…I have a full time airline job that has kept me very busy the last 2 weeks…May I ask, did you use the Take2 wraps or a different brand and what did you use to apply the SUGAR to over the film, for example, a regular gel top coat, a no wipe top coat, a regular lacquer top coat, a builder gel, Bling On, Super Glue? I know you already got a refund but I’m interested to know what your application process was. It will help me if I get any other questions from my readers.

        As to the question of getting comparable results, yes a darker base color could make the Purple Reign “pop” a little more since it is a translucent purple. The translucent colors, white, pink and purple, will have more of a sugary sparkle in indirect light. Sunlight, like in the The Polished Pinky video really makes SUGAR come to life, that’s when you get the full spectral rainbow flashes. BlackStar, because it’s completely opaque, has a brilliant sparkle in any light, like black sequins.

        Yes, SUGAR has a smaller amount than Pixie (I got coverage on 2 long nails) but it’s important to remember that Pixie is cheaper because it’s just glass, SUGAR is a lab grown gemstone and therefore is a much higher quality product.

        Hope to hear back from you,